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  • Seed sponsors provide seed which is packeted into small envelopes, 1 per row being planted. These seed packets are organized into planting order in boxes to expedite the planting process
  • Seed is planted at this test site. Seed packets are pulled from boxes, opened, and contents dumped into planter units at specific intervals. Accuracy is critical or the wrong seed will be planted at the wrong place.
  • Stand counts are taken in each plot or mini-strip at all locations after crop emergence to determine final populations. Sites with very poor stands may be abandoned.
  • Corn test locations have alleys tilled at before and after each plot or mini-strip to remove excess corn plants. Doing so gives harvest combines a stop point to capture yield data before harvesting the next seed product.
  • This location is home to a corn test (right) and soybean test (left). Notice the different corn tassel colors in individual plots. If you wish to host a F.I.R.S.T. location, please contact us.
  • A commercial silage chopper has been retrofitted to accommodate yield research. Chopped forage from a plot is diverted into a hopper (white box on rear), weighed and sampled before being blown into an attached wagon.
  • Soybean test locations look like a patchwork quilt at harvest. All rows are harvested for yield in each plot. Typically all products are sampled and analyzed for protein and oil content.
  • Some very nice ear development with this product. The center 2 rows of a 4 row plot are harvested for corn grain yield. Host growers receive all corn grain harvested from F.I.R.S.T test locations.
  • Commercial corn grain combines are retrofitted with electronic scales and moisture sensors to measure yield. The center 2 rows, approximately 40 feet in length are harvested.
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Corn Grain, Corn Silage & Soybean Crop Harvest Reports
Since 1997, when Founder Kevin Coey planted 12 corn test sites, F.I.R.S.T. Seed Tests has grown into an association of farmers and businesses spanning 15 states and 12 Field Managers.  We work with farmers and sponsoring seed companies to identify newly developed and trait-added seed corn and soybean products that improve farm operations.


Farmer members assist in test site selection, conduct all production operations and provide all inputs except seed, it's planting and crop harvest. Companies willing to sponsor our research decide which products to test, where to test

them, and provide seed. The same product group is tested at 4 (corn silage, soybean) or 6 (corn grain) locations within a region. At each location, all products are replicated 3 times to allow statistically valid comparisons.  Our r unbiased hybrid and variety yield and agronomic results are reported for each individual test site and as a regional average over all sites in the region.


F.I.R.S.T. Seed Tests web site for 2013
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