Corn Grain, Corn Silage & Soybean Crop Harvest Reports Since 1997, when Founder Kevin Coey planted 12 corn test sites, FIRST Seed Tests has grown into an association of farmers and businesses spanning 16 states and 11 Managers.



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We work with farmers and sponsoring seed companies to identify newly developed and trait-added seed corn and soybean products that improve farm operations.

Farmer members assist in test site selection, conduct all production operations and provide all inputs except seed, it's planting and crop harvest.

Companies willing to sponsor our research decide which products to test, where to test them, and provide seed. The seed is packeted into small envelopes, one per row being planted.

Seed is planted at the test site after seed packets are pulled from boxes, opened, and contents dumped into planter units at specific intervals. Accuracy is critical or the wrong seed will be planted at the wrong place. Stand counts are taken in each plot or mini-strip at all locations after crop emergence to determine final populations. Sites with very poor stands may be abandoned.

The same product group is tested at 4 (corn silage, soybean) or 6 (corn grain) locations within a region. At each location, all products are replicated 3 times MINIMUM to allow statistically valid comparisons.

Our unbiased hybrid and variety yield and agronomic results are reported for each individual test site and as a regional average over all sites in the region.

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